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In this topic, I have tried to tell what is the difference between the two, so that you can understand Traditional Marketing & Digital Marketing better. Hope your Doubt will be very clear.

Whatever the strategy of marketing, its purpose is to reach and sell the product to the market. Now the problem is that by working on which marketing strategy, in a short time, it can reach more people and sell the product in less cost. Friends, you have to take a lot of decision on this, because both types of marketing (Traditional & Digital) have their own area and importance. If you talk about Traditional Marketing, then you can include TV Add, Radio Add, Print Media, News Paper Add, Banner & Hoarding, Telemarketing Etc, while Digital Marketing includes Websites, Social Media, You Tube Videos, Blogs Etc. can do .

Digital Marketing Is Low Cost Compare To Tradition Marketing

Friends, Cost Matter does big, how you have to do marketing of your product, it depends a lot on your budget, you must think about how much cost is going on marketing and how the result is also coming. Marketing by traditional types means that it is like giving add on TV, Radio, Newspaper, which costs a lot and it can take time to get its result. Now, because Internet / Digital Mobile has become cheap, maximum people have become digital and remain connected to the Internet in some way. That’s why Digital Marketing is also cheaper.

Tracking is very easy in digital marketing

Digital Marketing is very easy to track, while in Traditional Marketing it is not easy to track. Content / Adds in Digital Marketing can be tracked with the help of Tracking Tools. For example, with the help of Google Analytics, Add Co. Show is happening, and which group is doing the view, how many bids are being made, etc. can be found out. Do you also want to increase your business? So call our expert now, we will tell you how you can further your business.